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Free Shipping Over $70 | Trusted by Over 1 Million Australians


High Quality Batteries in Australia

Replace your device Batteries

When you buy a laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you're investing in a device you plan to use for as long as possible. Unfortunately, device batteries do not last as long as you may want, forcing upgrades and buying a new laptop or phone. When you buy batteries in Melbourne, from Battery Mate, you're ensuring that you get the best prices and top quality products.

Super Quality Batteries in Australia

How many times has your battery been low while you're using it so you quickly plug it into a charger and don’t consider how this can affect the battery? Below are some tips on how to ensure you can increase the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

  • Make your battery last longer. There are various methods to increase your battery's lifespan; for instance, use the power saving mode on your device to decrease the brightness of the screen without causing any inconvenience to the user.
  • Do not excessively charge a battery. Many people put their phones on charge while the phone is at a moderate battery life percentage; this makes the device dependant on the charger to function. If your device is at 50 percent or more, you don't have to plug it into a charger. Instead, charge your phone when it is at 30 percent or less to maintain your battery.
  • Try not to operate the phone while it's charging. When you use your phone while it's plugged in, it will result in your battery charging at a slower speed, making it more inconvenient for the user and causing more electricity usage.

What You Should Know About Replacing Samsung Batteries in Sydney

The Samsung brand continues to develop revolutionary advances in their products, making consumers want to continue using the device that they have already purchased. Should the battery in the device stop working, you can now simply buy a replacement at a reasonable price instead of buying a battery at a higher cost of the device’s worth.

  • Charge regularly. When charging your device, it's advisable that you do not use your computer or power bank chargers but instead use the wall sockets as this will charge your battery fully at the correct speed.
  • Beware of background running apps. You may be unaware of applications that run in the background of your device; these applications contribute to the usage of the battery. Check your device regularly to ensure that no unnecessary applications are running.
  • Be cautious when it comes to malware. Malware can infect your device and cause permanent battery damage resulting in it not charging, and eventually, the device will no longer turn on. Install an anti-malware package to prevent any damage to your device’s battery.

A Short Buyer's Guide to Laptop Batteries in Melbourne

When purchasing a new laptop battery, ensure the voltage is appropriate for your laptop as a higher voltage can risk damage to the CPU by overloading your notebook. Contact a professional at Battery Mate should you have any questions regarding battery replacements for your device.