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Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Better Than Others? - Battery Mate

Why Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Better Than Others?

It is practically ingrained in our culture that there is no better vacuum than a Dyson vacuum, to the point getting one has become a rite of passage. Almost everyone knows what a Dysonis and the renowned quality that comes with the brand. There must be a reason why andunlike many other must-have products, the hype surrounding the Dyson is warranted.

It comes down to the technology that Dyson uses when it creates their vacuums. The signature cyclonic technology creates heavy suction meaning that it can pick up particles that other vacuums may miss. With a versatile design and ball technology, it is far easier to manoeuvre and with a range of different types of vacuums, what Dyson offers is accessible technology for many different consumers.

Another thing that Dyson offers in its vacuums is the use of HEPA filters. This means that not just the surface is being cleaned but also the filters are taking many of the airborne particles out of the air like small dust and allergens.

Not only are customers satisfied with the level of ease of use and the cleaning abilities of Dyson vacuums but they are also built to last. Let’s face it, it is a household item that will be heavily used so you want it to be resilient. You definitely don’t want your quality Dyson to run out of steam anytime soon after purchase so longevity is key! This means you will begetting a better clean for longer than you would with other vacuums out there.
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