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Top Camping Gear To Carry With You - Every Trip - Battery Mate

Top Camping Gear To Carry With You - Every Trip

Whether you are a regular camper or are looking to take your first trip soon, there are some absolute essentials you must take to ensure not just your safety but a fun and relaxed trip. Roughing it or glamping, always be prepared. With heading out bush or to the beachside somewhere, whether it is rural or remote or even near a local favourite hotspot that is not too far away, camping gear is the crux of making the trip enjoyable. Besides the sightseeing and fun of course!

Naturally, it wouldn’t really be camping without a tent, would it? Or even a good-quality canvas swag that you have enough room to roll in but also are well kept out of the elements while still being able to view the stars if you wish. Add in a sleeping bag and you have the quintessential items. If you would like to elevate your sleeping experience just that little bit more, a blow-up or self-inflating mattress and pillow would also be a great addition. Once you have acquired these, then it is time to move onto the items you need to cook, wash and
other daily functions.

Headlamps (just so you can see what you are doing when moving around or trying to find something such as the toilet during the night), torches and lighting is important for safety, especially at night. Perhaps, lighting is not what you thought you would take so that you could simply enjoy the moon and the plethora of stars but it is essential if you need to make your way around things. If there is no barbecue on the grounds, then you may want to bring your own small grill or a gas burner. Depending on how far out you are venturing, there may be a campground with a fire pit and a swinging plate for you to cook up some sizzling steaks, kebab sticks, or even if you’re into it, a stir-fry camping style!

Chairs and a camping table will add a bit of luxury to the dining experience. Don’t forget the food! An esky and a picnic basket will do the trick. You don’t always need a proper camping fridge, especially if you’re only heading out for a couple of nights but they can be certainly handy to have if you are camping for an extended period of time such as over the holidays. Another important inclusion is a power source. Battery-powered generators or portable solar panels work wonders and can even help you with refrigeration if you have a said portable camping fridge. Connect up your solar panel to charge the spare battery, which can be fully set up to include power plugs and all sorts including a temperature and energy level
check gauge.

To stay safe, additional fuel, batteries, and water are non-negotiables. You do not want to find yourself in a position where you are out of any of these, especially if you are not close to a town or shop. So go on, what are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun but don’t forget the essentials!

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