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Things To Remember When Replacing iPhone LCD Screens - Battery Mate

Things To Remember When Replacing iPhone LCD Screens

A broken smartphone screen is a common occurrence, it is practically a one in five that you see someone with a crack or shattered glass. And when it comes to replacing the glass on an
iPhone screen, it can be a delicate job, however often more simple than it seems. The issue comes though when it is not just the glass that is broken but the LCD screen. Fixing the LCD
screen is more complex yet it is doable.

Before getting it fixed, check to see if your phone is still in warranty. That way you can takeit to an authorised Apple dealer to get it fixed, which is important when it comes to the cost of a screen replacement. While accidental damage does not always come under warranty, it is easier to get fixed as you can be confident that the LCD screen is genuine. That being said,there are good-quality screens out there that will genuinely work a treat BUT when it comes to your iPhone and ensuring functionality, the best is the proper part for your particularmodel. Also, check to see if you have the right insurance to see if they can cover the cost;perhaps you have the phone on a plan and you purchased insurance cover with it throughthe provider or if you have your own insurance, this can work too. AppleCare is also another option and while it may be more expensive, you can be sure it is in the hands of a proper

No matter what way you plan to go, seek out the help of a professional. It can be tempting to fix it yourself (and there are kits out there) but do you really want to go playing with your expensive iPhone and wrecking it? If you do attempt and do more damage, you may render your warranty and/or insurance void. Besides, if the phone is too damaged and you take itback to your dealer, you may also be eligible for an upgrade so it is always worth checking.
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