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Free Shipping Over $70 | Trusted by Over 1 Million Australians


The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Replacement Battery for Your Dyson Vacuum - Battery Mate

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Replacement Battery for Your Dyson Vacuum

Easily Find the Dyson Replacement Batteries in Australia Your Vacuum Uses

Hand-held and cordless vacuum cleaners are incredibly useful home appliances, but what happens when their power cells wear out and you need replacement Dyson batteries in Australia? Purchasing straight from the original manufacturer is an option, but it won't net you the best price. Over time, all rechargeable batteries wear out and lose their ability to hold power. Consider that you may need to replace the battery several times over the lifespan of a vacuum as durable as a Dyson. With that in mind, it makes more sense to look for a solution where it is both cost-effective and easy to find the right option for your hardware.

At Battery Mate, that's precisely what we do — make it easy to find the right Dyson replacement batteries in Australia. Whether you have the V6 or the V10, or any model in between, we're certain to have solutions ready for you. Our catalogue includes options that can even give you more time for cleaning with an extended power capacity.

Before you start shopping for a Dyson V6 battery, look at the helpful guide we've prepared below to point you in the right direction.


Signs You Should Invest in Dyson Replacement Batteries

How do you know when the time is right to replace the battery you're using in your vacuum? If you look for the following signs, it's easy to tell when you should start searching for a new power pack:

  • The usable battery life on your vacuum has decreased dramatically, or the power output is inconsistent, so that operation of the unit is difficult. This condition usually indicates a battery that has gone past its usable lifespan.
  • The battery you have will no longer charge. Sometimes, batteries simply fail. If you've tried charging the battery several times and know the charger itself is not the issue, you may need a new battery.
  • Do you vacuum intensively and frequently? Do you use one as part of a service providing cleaning to others? Keeping a spare on hand can save you from downtime when you need to make sure everything is clean.


When Buying Dyson Replacement Batteries, Consider This:

What are some of the important things to know as you start shopping for batteries meant for Dyson units? We'll walk you through how to find the right unit on our site below, but first, consider the following:

  • Beware of buying extremely cheap third-party batteries from unknown sources. "Knockoff" batteries are not uncommon, and though you may save some money, they often pose potential safety hazards. We carefully source our batteries to provide high-quality outcomes.
  • Be sure to have the appropriate charger on hand for your battery. If you've lost the one that came with your vacuum, Battery Mate offers standard Dyson battery chargers for sale as well.


A Short Buyer's Guide to Our Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Batteries

Ready to get started? Finding the right Dyson V7 battery is easy with Battery Mate. Here's our quick guide to sorting through our inventory and making your purchase:

  • In general, you only need to match the unit model number with the corresponding battery. In other words, a Dyson V10 battery will work only with a V8 unit. You cannot buy a V7 battery and use it in a different model.
  • Consider our high-capacity and quick-charging options, which provide users with greater flexibility, longer vacuuming times, and more reliable battery performance.
  • Use our informative product spec sheets to confirm that you've selected the appropriate battery or ask our customer service team for help.


Choosing correct battery for your Dyson

The first step in selecting the correct replacement battery is identifying your Dyson vacuum model. This information can be found on the underside of your vacuum, on the box, or on the warranty card. Alternatively, Dyson offers online tools to help you identify your model number.

Replacement Batteries for All Dyson Models

At BatteryMate, you can find high-quality replacement batteries for all Dyson models. Here are some of the options available:

Replacement batteries for all Dyson models

Replacement batteries are available for all Dyson vacuum models at

Dyson V6 Compatible Replacement Battery 




    • Works on all Dyson V8 Vacuums
    • Also known as SV10/SV25


    • Works on all Dyson V10 Vacuums
    • Also known as SV12/SV13/SV27


    • Works on all Dyson 11 Outsize Vacuums
    • Also known as SV16/SV29


What Sets Battery Mate Apart Regarding Dyson Replacement Batteries Online?

We started our business because we recognised a simple fact — we could provide customers with more cost-effective options for these hard-to-find and non-standard batteries. Beyond cost, though, we stand out in other ways, too:

  • We provide prompt and friendly customer service whenever you have questions or concerns, including support for making the correct battery selection. If you mistakenly purchase the wrong battery, our 30-day return policy keeps you covered.
  • We make free shipping available on every order placed through our site. Why pay fees to other websites or rack up shipping charges? We dispatch orders at no extra cost.
  • We stock many other kinds of batteries, too, including laptop and phone batteries. When you need a one-stop-shop online for all your device power needs, make it Battery Mate.


About Battery Mate's Warranty

Items purchased before August 23, 2023, are covered by a one-year warranty, while those bought on or after August 23, 2023, benefit from a three-year warranty period. During this time, should any product exhibit defects in material or workmanship, Batterymate, at its discretion, may repair or replace the defective item with a new or comparable model, or opt for other remedies such as replacing defective parts or providing a reimbursement equivalent to the original purchase price.

For warranty service, customers are advised to retain the original sales receipt or Order # and contact Batterymate Consumer Support for further instructions. Batterymate will provide a pre-paid shipping label for sending the defective product at no cost to the consumer. Once received, the product may be replaced or repaired with a typical turnaround time of up to 10 business days. In cases where a direct replacement or repair isn't possible, Batterymate may offer a similar product or a reimbursement, effectively satisfying the warranty claim and ending any further obligations under the warranty for that claim.


What You Stand to Gain by Choosing Battery Mate

Running out of power in the middle of trying to vacuum and clean the house can be immensely frustrating. Even worse is when your vacuum simply can't hold a charge any more, and you end up with an appliance that's only good for 15 or 20 minutes of use before it needs to go back on the charger. With Battery Mate, not only can you quickly find a battery that fits your vacuum, but you can even purchase back-ups and high-capacity options. With our help, you can maintain your vacuum in top condition without spending hours searching online or in stores for the compatible battery. Explore our solutions now, or let us know if you need help identifying what kind of battery you require.

At Battery Mate, we’re the experts in breathing new life into your electronics. We can provide you with the best Dyson replacement batteries in Australia, compatible with a wide range of models. With our high power and efficient replacement batteries, you can restore your vacuum’s run time and operation to its total capacity to enjoy its performance like it’s new.

Explore our collection of Dyson Replacement batteries in Australia and enjoy an economical, cost-effective way to optimise your stick vacuum’s performance without the expense of replacing the whole unit. Stop cleaning in increments — shop our range today to enjoy a run time that will effortlessly clean your home on the same charge.

With same-day dispatch and fast shipping, running to recharge your Dyson multiple times will no longer be a problem. Experience the Battery Mate difference and explore our range of Dyson replacement batteries, brush heads and accessories.


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